Got me thinking

My last post got me thinking on what normal is.

And I suppose you could of called me normal at some stage. I come from a middle class white background. I tell you that not to boast, but to give you an idea that growing up I didn’t face a lot of struggles that others may have done.

My parents took me on holidays, made easier by the fact my Dad is Maltese and had family out there. We went skiing. Yep I can ski. Growing up I did horse riding (although not for long as it does get stupidly expensive) Fencing, ballet.

I had a very good childhood. My parents, in my eyes, raised a fairly decent hardworking human being,

I went into work when I left school and worked from the age of 16 onwards, seemingly I was a realtivly normal person. With a massive drinking problem.

Looking on the outside, I suppose you could say I was normal, but on the inside I was an emotional and mental mess, trying to control it with wine and this continued till my son came along.

I know normal is realtive, but what I don’t think people get is most people are not normal.

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5 Responses to Got me thinking

  1. If people are normal then the world would be pretty boring.

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  2. I find myself in the same position. My childhood was comfortable, my family’s loving and yet I have a slew of emotional problems myself. But the solution is not to try and fix yourself but accept your flawed self and try to make the best of your life as it is 🙂

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  3. I think normal is a label that can’t be accurately defined because it is so vague. Normal by who’s standard? Everyone is broken in some way and trying to heal. Some people accept that they are broken and make no attempt to heal. That’s fine if they are happy. The rest of us do what we can to find our way through it. We’ll get there one brave step at a time.

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