The way we fund sports need to change

If you haven’t noticed I am a bit nuts about the Olympics, this lead me into doing a bit of research into how it is funded and what happens. I picked football to compare it to, as this seems to be our national sport.

The FA association gets 36m in funding from the government, Olympics sports gets 543m, which may sound a lot but this is the summer and winter Olympics, and included the paralympics in it as well.

39 Summer Olympic Sports

22 Summer Parallympic Sports

15 Winter Olympic Sports

6 Winter Paralympic Sports

Altogether 82 sports, this is bundling things like Athletics altogether, also some sports mainly fund themselves so might get very little, but on average each sport receives 6.6 million pounds (which includes football so they technically get another 6.6m on top of that 36m.)

Olympic medalists get around £27500 a year to train and live (coming out of their 6.6m). Lets not even get into those trying to get into the sport, who have to find funding for their own equipment.

Footballers on average earn around £43717 a week.

If any athlete wins a medal they get zero, nothing, nada in the UK and we are one of the few countries who don’t offer a money incentive, we will however paint a postbox yellow if you win gold.

 In a leaked contract from Man United, all that team had to do was play to get part of a five million pound bonus.

We haven’t won the World Cup since 1966 and have never won the Euro.

As it stands we are number 1 in 27 sports, number 2 in 23 and number 3 in 17.And that is coming away from the 2016 Olympics. In the 2012 Paralympics we were 1st in 34 sports, 2nd in 43 and 3rd in 43. Winter Olympics 1st in 1, 2nd in 1 and 3rd in 2 events, Finally in the Paralympics 1st in 1 even 2nd in 3 events and 3rd in 2 events.

That is a hell of a lot of sports we are good at that in relative terms get very little money

Something doesn’t seem right.

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2 Responses to The way we fund sports need to change

  1. Richard says:

    I think the FA Foundation which is for grassroots football gets the £36m- that is paid by the FA, the Premier League and the Government (I don’t know how much each pays).

    The funding for our Olympics team seems pretty good I think, we are steadily increasing funding every year. It wouldn’t surprise me if it the Summer Olympic funding surpasses £500m by itself. I would love to see funding directed to newer sports such as handball. I’m hoping the next Winter Olympics is given lots of TV coverage to inspire the next generation, and that is matched with improved funding also.

    Football is getting mad I agree, but the money is coming from rich owners and sponsors, rather than the paying fan (the majority of ticket prices haven’t gone up) or taxpayers. To give context to one player on exceptional money. Zlatan Ibrahimovic- £250,000 a week player for Man United = £13m per year. Seems a lot of money. Shirt sales with his name on the back was £76m…in 1 week! Man United would typically pick up 15% of this due to a shirt sponsorship deal with Adidas (who pay £750m over the course a contract to sponsor United’s shirts). Therefore, United earn £11.6m in one week, nearly covering a £250k a week player’s contract for the entire year. Football teams with rich owners and big sponsorship deals can afford to do this sort of thing. It is incomparable with any sport, Olympic or otherwise, except probably the NFL and NBA.

    One more statistic which I found interesting which I found interesting was this: It roughly cost £4m for each medal we won at Rio, which equates to £1.09 from each taxpayer.

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    • I agree that it was an unfair comparision to make it one sense, I didn’t mention for example that while athletes do getting very little, they can earn a fortune in sponsorship deals, but that is again when they are at the top of their sports. And a large amount of the money that footballers make itsn’t paid by us its paid by who ever owns them or various means. And although I am not 100% sure of this one, I am fairly sure footballers also don’t get paid for representing their country.
      I believe that both sets of money (football and Olympics) goes towards getting people into the sports, but with the Olympics it is also towards paying towards the top athletes as well.
      I was under the impression the better the sport does the more funding they get, which is great, but then as you say what happens to those sports which are not doing well, probably because they don’t get the funding. what I would really love is maybe not so much football on the TV and more towards different sports, like the cycling or even the World Championships, it seems to me that we celebrate these sports and then they die a death till four years later

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