Simple things can be stressful

Although I have been stress free for me, one of the things that has been causing me major anxiety is the DWP (department of work and pension) bless their hearts they want to assess me again, cause you know the doctors could be wrong.

I get why they do this, I really do and its a good thing, right up till I have to deal with doing it.

First off they never will arrange a home visit, they will send you a letter asking you to come into their offices, if you don’t any benefits you receive will stop. Normally I like to push myself, this is not one of those times. So I have to arrange a home visit, to do this, I have to ring them up request a home visit, then get my Doctor to send in a note explaining why a home visit is suitable. Which they then assess and decide whether it is reasonable.

I wouldn’t mind doing this, say once a year, even once every six months, but I end up getting my doctor (who has better things to do) faxing a letter off once every two months, because its not just the DWP its also ATOS, who deal with other benefits.

I have told my doctor just to write a letter leave off the date and fax that to them, save us going through the bother.

This time however, my doctor was off and the letter never got sent off. Not a problem, you would think, well it is if you have a screwy brain who will only use the phone on a Friday. This left me with Friday to try and sort the problem, initially the DWP said they couldn’t delay it, since it was already delayed once. The second time I got a different person and explained the problem and thank God she delayed it till next month. Hopefully the letter will be sent off this week and I will not have to worry about it.

I hope……

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8 Responses to Simple things can be stressful

  1. You would think that those of us that are ill would have smoother access to these things.

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