It makes me laugh

I sometimes manage to find my way onto racist sites or posts on facebook. The type of ones that say they should go back to where they belong (seriously they were born in south east London) we are a Christian country (no there are more people who don’t follow organised religions in the UK then there are that do) I am a *insert religion* and all those that follow (normally Muslims) should be beheaded or something else rather nasty (well that doesn’t make you a nice religious person that makes you a c*nt) Every one who follows Islam is an exstrmist (this is one of my favs) Does this make everyone who is Catholic belong to the IRA and if you want to get into facts and figures rather than just pure fear bullshit, there are 1.6 Billion Muslims on the planet, if Islam bred terror or everyone who followed that faith was ISIS we would be dead by now.

And these people are just normal everyday people that are in your street, maybe their kids are friends with your kids.

What amuses me the most though is the comment, back in my day they were the minority, or when I was growing up we didn’t have these people in our neighbourhood.

I saw this type of comment last night and it made me wonder, how true it actually is. I managed to find an old school photo of when I was at junior school, in my class I had two black kids and two, I am fairly sure sikhs, I have no clue what religion anyone was, and nor did I care, the main thing was that they were good at hide ‘n’ seek, or if I was seeking they were shit.

I am talking about the 80’s and things were very different, since I have been alive, society has erupted and been brought closer together with computers and the internet.

I get to have conversations for free on a device that can fit into my pocket, with people in the States, Australia, China, UAE. When I grew up you had a phone plugged to the wall.

And its all well and good to say when I was young this was a British country. When I was growing up if you were gay you had HIV. If you had depression you were a bit sad, if your child was naughty in a shop, you would slap them round the head they just wanted attention, rather than they could be on the austistic spectrum.

Yes Britain has changed, most countries have, with the ease of immigration and I don’t just mean the ability to get into a country. You can move across the world and don’t have to wait 6 months for your bed to arrive on a cargo ship anymore. Its easier to move.

And as for the British being British. Well yes but the amount of cultures we have assimilated into our culture is amazing, we come from a country that started off as Anglo Saxon after the Romans left, got taken over by the Normans, we have had Celts, Vikings, and who knows who else come in and left a little piece of themselves here.

Our national dish is now curry. We should be embracing different cultures, and not making the mistakes we have made before.

The first world war was known as The Great War because after it ended no one could ever see another one like it happen again. Yet less than 20 years later along came World War 2.

To look to our future we should first take a glance at our past.



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12 Responses to It makes me laugh

  1. Bradley says:

    Great post. You could easily take out “Britain” and insert “United States” throughout. I’m saddened to see these changes are everywhere and not just us on this side of the pond.

    On a positive note, we have a Multi-Faith Ministry Council in our area. It’s made up of leaders from various churches who work together to build bridges, do social justice work, etc. Last year they voted in the new President of the Council and it was/is a Muslim woman. So many of us were excited about this. On the sad end, we have a large conservative church that refuses to be a part of the council. The ministers response to attempts to get them to join is always the same, “We don’t socialize or create friendships with atheists.” Sigh. The one church that most needs to be a part of the council refuses to even consider it.

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  2. gm1123 says:

    Speaking of Muslims, in the case of radical Muslims…shouldn’t they embrace different cultures? Yes? Can’t we just all get along?

    I’m sure you have seen this video.

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    • Radical Muslims will never embrace a different culture, nor will radical Christians.

      Do I think if you move to a different country you should abide by their laws of course I do. Nothing annoys me more than say people from the UK moving to Spain not bothering to learn the language and making little towns of just the British. Same applies to everyone, I wouldn’t go to France and expect everyone to speak English to me, however if I want to do something that is not against the law and important to my culture or religion, I should be allowed to as long as I am not making everyone else try and do. For example, having a roast on a Sunday, I would happily share this experience with people but I wouldn’t expect the whole (in this case) of France to start having a roast dinner

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  3. gm1123 says:

    Radical is the problem. And in Muslims case, they’re are LOT of them. You’re right, radical Muslims will not embrace different cultures. So why do people preach for others to embrace change but the crazies of Muslim faith won’t? Because they will KILL you if you contest their views. I know Christians did some fucked up things in history, but Muslims (radicals) are still doing it…today, in 2016. Not to say that Christians still might do fucked up shit. Not near the extreme of today’s radical Muslims. It’s scary. Like the lady in the video said, “the peaceful majority were irrelevant.” I do agree with your reply. If I go to another country, I should be able to learn or at least get by and speak their language. I shouldn’t expect them to change for me. I should adapt to where I am. The funny thing is, in the states, we are changing things here. For foreigners who come in to feel comfortable. Our society is so PC. You don’t have a guaranteed right to not have your feelings hurt, or be offended. That goes for Americans and Christians, also. Just my thoughts. We are all humans. My mind spins at these issues.

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    • I don’t think there is a lot of Muslim radicals. That is probably the reason they are now using children. In 2014 Christian Radicals killed two people who they accused of being Muslim and dragged their body through the town and burnt them, in the early 1990’s a Christian radical group in India carried out an ethnic cleansing leaving 900 people dead. Extreme Christians are still in the same league as extreme Muslims just not as widely reported.

      I do massivly agree with people getting offended or have their feelings hurt and it bugs the hell out of me when people say you offended me. I do often wonder how much politicians push those sort of things onto us, so for example xyz was offended about their neighbour hanging their flag outside their home. When in fact the neighbour was burning a cross in the garden doing Nazi salutes.

      Of course you will always get those people that are way to PC and those people should go and live on their own little island in the pacific. What makes the human race so brilliant is that we are all so different. If you want to be right winged, go be right winged, if you want to be left then do that. If you want to wear feathers and skip down the road chucking fairy dust and glitter then go do it, the problem is that people don’t accept each other for their differences and use the term that offends me instead

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      • gm1123 says:

        Agree with most of this post. Save for the fact that ‘I don’t think their are a lot of Muslim radicals.’ I’ll have to research total Muslim population and figure how many are radicals. You’re right, politicians use ‘pc’ terminology to pit us against each other. And we are all zombies (not so much me, but many are). And don’t question the majority, the establishment. Example one, that is why Hillary ‘Killary’ Clinton and Donald Trump are the top candidates running in our presidential race. And the libertarian candidates are not getting enough coverage. Sometimes, I get so angry and embarrassed at my country.

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      • There are around 1.6 billion muslims and the figure seems to be around the 1% mark (last time I checked) 2.2 billion Christians and about 5% of those are radical. My problem with that number is it includes white supremacy groups as well, which might not be Christian, its a dodgy number. I worry about the state of our countries, in the UK our picks were about as good as yours. And like you, coverage for on two not on the other 5 or 6


  4. gm1123 says:

    I have a hard time believing those stats. Extreme Muslims V’s extreme Christians. Honestly. But I’m with you on all other issues. You’re right, so whatcha wanna, as long as you’re not illegally (wait, what is illegal?) raining on my parade! Live a great life!

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    • There is obviously nothing set in stone, but the Christian one was very hard to get and like I said nothing that seemed to seperate white supremise from actual extreme Christians. It just seemed if you are white yelling white power you must be a Christian. Personally I think with the whole Extreme lot we should take off what every religion and just call them arseholes, I am fairly sure once you bunch them all into the same group, then it might lessen the violence slightly

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  5. gm1123 says:

    *do whatcha wanna

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