You just got to work with it

I worry that with my anxiety and lows that my son doesn’t get out enough and I often find myself using the TV as a babysitter, I know I know, don’t shoot me.


Especially over the last few weeks when I have also been ill, the olympics, which he loved, at the moment he is playing olympics in his paddling pool.

However I do have a lot of catching up to do, he doesn’t want me to do anything just watch him play. But my computer is in the lounge, my comfy chair is in the lounge. The TV is in the lounge.

But also, no offense lovely people, my son is slightly more important than my blog *sigh*

However I came to a comprimise, I got our beanbag, found a plug that worked and moved my laptop into the dining room type area, where I can see him, the garden and still work. So this is what we are doing, he is grinning like a loon, and I am chilled out with a bottle of diet coke catching up on a beanbag, with music blaring through my laptop.

My back is going to kill though, but its worth it to make us all happy.

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2 Responses to You just got to work with it

  1. Take it easy. Some TV is completely acceptable and since Olympics comes every 4 years, he completely deserves the TV time. Watch for that back, though! 🙂

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