I am watching with disbelief the joke that is the labour party.

I have made no secret of my massive dislike of the Tory Party (who by the way are getting rid of the human rights act as I type)

But at least they are organised, the labour leadership party is a joke, not helped by what appears to be a very large bias against Jeremy Corybn.

Of course he has his die hard fans which will believe anything as well, I find if you take each side split it in half you arrive closer to the truth then when you started.

But as every politician gets in there with their articles in the newspapers, you hear of how sexist Corybn is, racist, how is not seen in the news enough (unless its to slate him)

The thing is the guy seems to be old school, and I do like him, do I think he will make a good Prime Minister, I am not sure. However he has good intentions, but being in power, means making the tough decisions.

Do I agree with the welfare cuts that the Tory party made? No, not at all. Do I think they were necessary? Yes Do I think they could of done things a lot differently? Yes and I also think they have cut the bottom without cutting the top. IE they cut the welfare bill fine, then start putting something in place for the loopholes the high earners skip through.

You need to even it out, otherwise what happens, is what happened which is the working people feel (and are) suffering with the cuts, wages are not going up and people are struggling, while watching news report after news report of the rich getting through loopholes.

But back to the leadership campaign, it just feels like a joke, and I am not sure the Labour MPs which are fighting against Corybn realise that if he doesn’t come back into power, then the labour party are going to be a joke. Hell even if he does get back in they are probably going to be seen as a joke.


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7 Responses to Laughable

  1. Simon says:

    The human rights act has been a double edged sword and caused many problems in itself. But I agree with all you’re saying. When will you start your party?

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    • I find it so frustrating, I don’t understand why the Labour Party decided it should, what feels like a 10 year, campaign mission . Owen Smith, just seems to fall over his own feet. I honestly think it would of been better, if Jeremy Corbyn had gone you know fine you have it, and I will go start my own party. I know its not as easy as that, but I think that should of been something he considered. Labour is not the Labour party it started out as, and there is no use trying to drag it back to that.
      I have issues with any government trying to write out human right laws, personally I think it should be something like the American constetituion, you can introduce thing to make it up to date, but no one government should be able to rewrite it once every five years

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      • Simon says:

        It is what it is in all of this Brexit has started a whole host of it’s own shit that I think we will all regret. But we’ll see..

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      • I think they are going to try and sweep it under the carpet, so much lying happened on both sides. The racist lot seems to think it means no more people coming through, some seem to think its the end of the world, others have the mentality that the EU will crumble without us. I am not sure much is going to change. And if it does eventually happen, this government will not be there to witness it


      • Simon says:

        I think it’s many things and not what we expect for good and bad, depending on who you are.

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  2. renxkyoko says:

    I don’t know if this is in UK news but the guy who spearheaded this Brexit movement was at a Trump rally a few days ago, I didn’t watch to listen to what he was saying , though. But I reckon it was about Muslim immigration.

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