I often find that when I am debating with people online, it tends to get out of hand.

For example there was a person who declared walking dogs in this heat (30) was criminal, they didn’t own a dog.

While I tried to explain that a dogs fur doesn’t just protect from the cold it also protects from the sun, I got told, if you don’t like don’t comment.

Which just gives me rise to say if someone posts on a public forum something which is wrong and then uses said line, they don’t have the brain capacity to hold any of the correct information which I am trying to impart.

In this case, what I was stating was a fact, I could back it up with scientific evidence and prove that what she was saying for a lot of breeds was wrong, for some breeds, no of course they shouldn’t be walked in this weather, even in early mornings or evenings, like humans some people can hack this weather, others can’t.

It got me thinking though, what is so special about people that they think they have a right to an opinion and everyone else is wrong. And as such can yell such words as troll and bully.

I get troll but to have a different opinion to someone and be called a bully is just wrong, people trivilise the word in this day and age of the internet. While I know cyber bullying exists. It is easy enough to turn off the computer, for some the very act of leaving their house is hard because neighbour/person across the road/the milkman makes their life a living hell.

And people do take their owns lives because death seems preferable to their day to day life.

I think everyone would do well, if you are in a debate/argument whatever you want to call on the internet. If you are feeling angry or stressed out because of the way it is going, rather than hurl abuse or names. Log off, turn the computer off, do something for an hour that is not going to lead you back to that moment.

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5 Responses to Opinions

  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    I disagree with this post! Not really, just wanted to argue online.

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  2. I love this post. I just wrote a post on trolls earlier this week. Of course you can comment, difference of opinion is fine, but to just straight up be ignorant or hurtful is so unnecessary.

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    • Thank you, there are always going to be trolls, teenagers being bored, which is a different post. As you can insult someone as much as you want on the internet, but for all you know its a 13 year old kid desperate for attention. But I hate being called a bully because I have expressed an opinion and tried to say why I feel about it. I am sure I have been forceful at times, but turn around and say I think you are taking this too seriously rather than scream bully at me

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