Things my son says

Mummy how do you get a baby?
Mummy grows it in her belly
But how do you get it out
ummm at the hospital
no mummy how do you get it out of your belly
*thinks frantically and then gives up*
It comes out of mummy’s private bits
Child busts into laughter, but mummy that is so weird peels of more laughter.


My son talking about night at the museum, mummy that is Robin Williams and that man plays sex with Rexy.

fetch M, its fetch


M would you like to try sleeping with nappies again.

No mummy I want to sleep with my penis


Mummy you said I could have that.
Did I when did I say it
When you were asleep mummy


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8 Responses to Things my son says

  1. Gotta be quick on your feet. I usta think first before anything said not my best answer in the moment.

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  2. Bless his little heart!!!
    How about:”let’s go ask Daddy”???

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  3. Keep them coming! I’ve heard several kids asking about where babies come from (mine included) in the last week. Must be something in the air!

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  4. “Daddy, where did I come from?” he asked. “From Saint Louis. Now go play with your Legos.” …

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    • My son wouldn’t settle for that now. It use to be, when mummy and daddy love each other then they have a baby, of course now he is like I want a baby, and mummy and daddy love each other lots, so we should get one now. But I do agree at times distraction works wonders.

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