Last week Part 3 (anxiety now through the roof)

Our local shop is Waitrose, for those people not familiar with Waitrose, imagine one of the most expensive grocery supermarkets in your area and you are about there.

We have been having issues with this shop for some reason, the security guard follows us around, if we go to the express tills he stands there and stares at us.

We don’t look like the people you would probably get in there, neither of us go in there in boots, at times, I probably look like a mad woman doing a dash, as it is often busy and I hate it.

I complained to their head office once, I think in May, its obvious this one security guard is following us round the shop and it doesn’t help my anxiety, when you think everyone is staring at you to find that someone actually is.

However over the past few weeks, our self scans have been subjected to rescans, we had 3 in a week. The last one, I watched the security guard ask the shop assistant to search our bag as well.

Keep in mind I often only go there to get fruit, bread and milk and diet coke, On rare occassions we have to get dinner because we might have forgotten to get something out the freezer, but because it is so expensive, its not worth it. However it is the only shop within my son’s walking distance that we can get everything.

We have never been stopped, and just for the sake of it, have never taken anything outside the shop that we haven’t paid for.

This last one was a step too far and I thought next time I am complaining. The next time turned out to be an utter piss take.

Myself and my son go in, my son turns into the spawn of satan because I am not buying him a magazine. Rather than drag a four year old round the shops to the milk and pay and out. I made the decision to walk straight out and try and calm him down. I had set maybe one foot in the door before this happened. And we walked straight out again.

20 minutes maybe half an hour later my son is calm enough to go back in. We walked in and the card to make the scanners work wasn’t working, involving a conversation with customer services and then the floor manager, by this time I had had enough.

Followed by getting to the end of the shops, with mushrooms, spring onions and milk and having a rescan, while all this was going, the security guard had followed me around, I get to the check out, I was anxious, tired and fighting the urge not to run out the shop carrying my son. When I noticed the floor manager, with what looked like another manager, pointing me out.

I have worked retail a lot of years to know when you are pointing someone out.

I walk out the store and stop to get my rucksack on turned around to find the two managers had followed me out and staring at me.

Now here is the tricky bit, you complain and its a bit like the whole the lady dosth protest to much. However by not saying anything means that I am made to feel more and more uncomfortable in one of the few places I can actually get to by myself.

I was also aware they have no clue of my mental health but they obviously think I am shop lifting.

So I went home and complained to the head office.

So far my anxiety is at an all time high, only to be made worse by saying the store is investigating and I have to speak to the duty manager.

I mean you having a fucking laugh the store is investigating itself, of course its going to come back with everything is fine.

The next day, we have to go to the shop. And once again receive what I think is our 5th rescan. And that is when I think fuck it. So demand to speak to either the duty manager or the store manager. The guy was lovely but basically useless. Wasn’t going to do anything, nothing he could do. I even told him, if it gets everyone off my back they are welcome to do random bag searches. I didn’t care, but to made to feel like a fucking criminal when I haven’t done anything wrong is not right.

Nothing has come of it, and since my son is starting school in less than a week, it means I can go to a different store that is further away, meaning a whole new set of anxiety for me. Either way I can’t win


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11 Responses to Last week Part 3 (anxiety now through the roof)

  1. I don’t know why, but shopping for food can cause the worst anxiety. It’s given me tons of panic attacks, and it happens to my friend too. I’m sorry the managers treat you this way, and it does nothing to make a stressful situation even worse. Hope the other one farther away works out for you. Sending a ton of hugs and positive vibes your way.

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    • Thank you so much, I have no clue why they do, probably cause I am dressed in jeans and a t-shirt not in a fancy dress 😉


      • Everyone is dressed in jeans and t shirt. It’s a fecking grocery store NOT the Opera House.

        Weirdos!!! One thing is for sure: It is NOT about you. That Security Guard is the problem. He is probably bored out of his mind and is daydreaming that he is James Bond.

        I would suggest that you put your complaint in writing to the Managing Director. A letter is more difficult to ignore than a telephone call. Just a thought…
        I do hope that your new grocery store understands that they are in business to keep customers. Marketing 101: No customer, no store.

        I do feel for you but please keep in mind that In the big scheme of things, this is annoying yes, but not important. The important stuff you have: you love and are loved.

        Take good care

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      • In the big scheme of stuff yes you are right, but to feel everyday you are being accused of something is not nice.

        In Waitrose at 8.30 people are in dressed down riding gear having mucked out their horses. Its that sort of a supermarket


  2. katiereablog says:

    I am sorry you are having to put up with this. If only people understood how you were feeling. You are not alone though as I can completely relate to what you are saying. I am following your blog so that I can read more.

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  3. Anxiety sucks. I think you are doing the best with how you are feeling and that is enough xx

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  4. Sheila Moss says:

    They are totally weirdos. I’m glad you can go elsewhere soon. Too bad there are not more choices instead of having to put up with that.

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