Why are people still laughing?

I came across a meme the other day that put me into a really bad mood, it was on a facebook page with over 663,000 likes.

It went something like

“when the mum side of you is proud that your child folded the towels but the OCD side of you is dying inside”

And it really annoyed me. So much so that rather than ignore it, after reading about 150 comments all of them giggling over how this was them. I commented that OCD was a serious mental health disease and you are not a little OCD or have an OCD side, its not something about it and if it annoys you but you can still crack on with your day, then you are just tidy at worse picky. If however you are thinking this may kill my entire family because its not been done right, then go to the doctor. And while I was at it, pointed out those sort of memes is why we still have mental health stigma in this world.

I honestly thought I was going to get shot down, however I got thank you and likes and people commenting on how this frustrated them as well.

Only one person decided to try and argue with me by the fact people joke about these things all the time, its a joke and not mocking

In my eyes it doesn’t matter, if you wouldn’t make a joke, about cancer then don’t make a joke about mental health.

What do you guys think? Over reaction?


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8 Responses to Why are people still laughing?

  1. Miriam says:

    Good on you for commenting. I agree, it’s not particularly funny and you didn’t overreact.

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  2. Me says:

    Nope, not an over-reaction at all. And how great that almost all the responses were positive 🙂

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  3. stomperdad says:

    Good for you for standing up for what you believe! You are totally right. We don’t make jokes about cancer, or any terminal illness. Why is okay to make jokes about other illnesses (mental). Because they’re not life threatening? They are to person who is battling it.

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  4. Bradley says:

    I see thinks like this a lot. You’ll hear someone say, “The weather is so bipolar,” or “Work has me going in so many directions, I’m schizophrenic today.” None of these are funny and good for you for speaking up.

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