You forget so easily

I went out with a friend of mine the other week. He is a lovely mate and one of the few childless ones I still have, I don’t think he wants kids, maybe he does. Its one of those if it happens great otherwise meh.

But I forgot how nervous non parents get around children.

For example my son was in the play area dangling off the climbing frame by one leg and my friend was really bricking it that he might get hurt. I was sitting there enjoying the sun drinking a diet coke.

Loudness that is something else, as parents I don’t think we realise how loud our children are.

My son was playing a pirate game and you could see my friend getting a bit nervous about the noise (which is why I told my son to quiet down) but to me he was at least 2 decimbells from his normal loudness.

My sister has two older boys and as such her house is not child proof. I literally look at her kitchen (which is amazing) as a death trap for my son, oven is easy to get to knives out, sharp corners.

And it got me thinking, as your child grow up you seem to forget what it was like when they were younger, things get removed when they are no longer needed, such as stair gates, cupboard things to stop them getting into them. Anything slightly sharp up so high that you have to get a ladder to reach them.

I look back at the days when my son was a baby wondering why I taught him to talk 😉

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2 Responses to You forget so easily

  1. And you’ll be teaching him so much more too! 😀 Isn’t it amazing how as a parent you just spot all the death traps the moment you walk into a place? I still do that! LOL.


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