Ban them

When I rule the world adverts on children’s TV is going to be banned. Not just the fast food ones that I believe are banned now, every single one.

If I hear the words mummy can I have that


Mummy can Santa get me that

I think I shall go mad.


I wouldn’t mind but they always advertise the most expensive plastic shit you can imagine and it drives me crazy, especially when I have a child who is at his happiness in a cardboard box he has designed as a car, yet the magic box tells him he will be happier with this plastic tat that won’t last five minutes.

I never thought I would miss CBeebies (no adverts)

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6 Responses to Ban them

  1. Sparkyjen says:

    Maybe…your child ignores the adverts. He may patiently wait to get back to the show. If he’s happiest in his cardboard box, then in my opinion, he has a creative spirit. He probably wants to design better adverts that feature cardboard toys . Just a mention!

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  2. amommasview says:

    Ha! I’m with you!

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