A decision

And it was a very difficult decision, for those that don’t know I get a lot of your posts through my email, but due to recent depressive states and just having the summer holidays I have gotten behind in my reading, as in my email box goes back as far as May and its around 36000 emails.

Now while I know it might not matter to you if I read every single post, I do try and keep up with what is happening to people I follow, but the more that number goes up the more stressed I am getting.

However the flip side of it, by deleting them all and not reading them (in my head) is also stressful.

But I needed to make a decision there is little to no chance I will ever catch up, so I decided to delete them all and start again.

Lets see how this goes. But I have missed about 4 months of everything. Anything good?

Let me know

I shall try and stay on track now.



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6 Responses to A decision

  1. Marquessa says:

    No worries. Your fellow bloggers understand too – we can only do what we can! Have a great day!

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  2. A Kinder Way says:

    I think this is a wise choice. Sometimes it gets overwhelming. It’ not possible to read every blog every day. We all have to understand that. ❤

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  3. You have to put yourself first. If someone doesn’t understand, you don’t need them in your life. Depression and anxiety affect our ability to see this! Do what’s best for you 🙂

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  4. 36000 is a lot! Deleting them all will clear some space and your mind because it would be crazy to read even some of them. Don’t let that stress you out. Just continue as it…your readers will understand! X.

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