I do despair

As I type this I am on the phone (yep not a Friday, yep I think I am going to throw up)

Still trying to sort out this assessment for the ATOS, as it stands, I am trying to get a home visit, every few months, they want to do this, every few months, I have to get my doctor to write a letter explaining why I can’t go and need a home visit.

And every few months I get stressed and anxious about having to sort it out because its never as simple as it should be.

I get, I receive government (the publics) money and so should jump through hoops for it. But there is also something in me that says, I do this every couple of months, chances are if the nice medical doctor who has been treating me for over 2 years doesn’t think I am suitable for work, what are the chances some random doctor reading some notes does.

And I wish it was just me, but its not, most people have to do this and its getting silly. yes check on them, see what support they need maybe.

But stop forcing disabled people to go through more stress and the stress that if you don’t you are going to lose what little you have coming in, is just as bad.

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4 Responses to I do despair

  1. Deb says:

    So sorry you have to go through that. Don’t know much about the system there,but can feel the frustration it clearly causes.

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  2. Bradley says:

    Wow. I’m shocked. You seem to have to jump through more hoops than I do on this side of the pond. I’m sorry you have to go through all this. I agree that they make life harder for those of us who’s lives are hard enough.


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