As I go through my house cleaning, I am coming across things which invoke memories, one of those things is my wedding dress.

For those that are not aware, I got married at 21 and divorced at 24, the relationship was actually longer before we got married.

Plus I was a whole different person at 24 then I was at 21.

It was an amicable divorce, as far as divorces go.

But I have kept this wedding dress for all these years.

And I am undecided whether to sell it or not. Or give it to a charity that can make use of it.

But something in me is not wanting to get rid of it.

What would you do?

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23 Responses to Decisions

  1. honestme363 says:

    Does it still fit? I would try it on and see how it makes me feel…pretty? Awkward? Uncomfortable?

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  2. Josh Wrenn says:

    I have gotten rid of everything from my first wedding, even though our divorce was amicable too. (For a divorce.) I would never get rid of what remains from my wedding to Hannah, but we didn’t divorce.

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  3. Save a very small piece from not obvious place and donate it(income tax charity deduction). I have lost so many memory pieces over the years and have forgotten I ever had them.

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  4. amommasview says:

    Keep it. If you are not ready to pass it on, you are not ready. And the time might also not be right either, it might not “find” the right person…

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  5. Tough one. Sandra’s right about readiness.
    I guess it boils down to the real reason for keeping it? I think if there’s no emotional attachment to it and because it’s really a beautiful dress, then I guess keeping it is an option just because. However, if it’s about letting go and that everything associated with it was over, I guess I would get rid of it (symbolical).

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  6. ghostmmnc says:

    If when you look at it, it brings sad or bad feelings, then donate it. If it’s just taking up space, take a photo of it to remember how pretty it was, then sell or donate. Could be your local theater groups might need a wedding dress for their plays? Just a thought.

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    • That is a great idea, I shall have a look

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      • jamivee says:

        I totally agree with ghostmmnc. It’s like that japanese decluttering book…you are supposed to hold each piece of clothing you own. Really look at it and feel it. Ask yourself, “does this bring me joy?” If the answer is “no”, then thank it for the part it played in your life and send it along it’s journey to the next person. Sounds silly, but I did that with my clothes and it works! I had an epic purge and it was a weight off my chest. However, my husband just moved out on Sunday, and I can’t imagine throwing my dress out. Still a little raw, I guess…

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      • I am so sorry to hear about your husband, sending you massive hugs

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