Keeping busy

With my son now being at school 6 hours a day, it leaves me with time on my hands. I decided to do a massive big clean. The chances are we might be given notice on our home (we rent) and we are going to have to move, now while we would probably get a months notice, you don’t want to be trying to find somewhere to live, pack and be getting rid of stuff.

Also because I have always had it in my head that we were going to have another child soon, I have been keeping everything from clothes to toys and we are running out of room.

It seemed like a good idea when I was planning it, I set up a facebook page for all the stuff I would be getting rid of as I knew it would be a fair amount, not only in children’s things, but also in some of my things, such as clothes.

I have clothes ranging from a size 8 (uk and never going to happen) all the way up to a size 16. I need to make a few cuts.

What I have found however, is how demanding people can be. I suppose yes they are doing me a favour in taking them off my hands, but there would be nothing stopping me taking them all down to the charity shops when my partner was with me.

But I am getting requests for certain things and to save things and I am like no, I am a private individual, not a business. I am getting rid of things we don’t use anymore.

I can sense I may be moaning about this a bit more.

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  1. People are weird…And social media gives them a whole new outlet for weirdness…;) (Yes, I do get the ‘look whose talking’ weirdness of my comment)

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