Still going

For such a simple job, this massive house clean, is not the joy it should be.


First off in two weeks I have only done two rooms. My son’s room, which needed redecorating, which turned out to be a nightmare.

Painters make it looks so easy. Its really not. I didn’t enjoy it at all, however I have managed to sneak out toy after toy after toy that he no longers plays with.

His room is very shiny as well now. The spare room, which we were using as a toy room, is basically empty. I managed to sell a few bits but most things I have given away.

Of course as I was finishing up his room and about to start on mine, something happened. I went to make his bed and found  a smell, it wasn’t a nice smell, and it appears he managed to wet the bed, it soaked through the protector, the mattress. My house stunk like a men’s urinal, this meant I spent most of yesterday doing a deep clean of my sons bed.

Hopefully my room shouldn’t take as long

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5 Responses to Still going

  1. Oh no…I am so sorry for that.
    I really hope your room doesn´t take as long.

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  2. Anna says:

    I hope your room won’t take long at all. Bathroom, too


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