When does it stop?

Before I start, my friend C once said I was most unusual because rather than bullshit, I asked her what she meant. So for example she might use a word I didn’t know in a middle of a debate ( we argue a lot, she has lots of words) the debate would stop, so she could explain it, and then we would continue.

Yes I could use google, but then I still might not understand the context. I have also found this useful when calling out bulllshitters.

Something recently has been coming up alot, since Trump got elected, we voted out of the EU, general racist stuff.  That is the use of the N word refrerring to a black person. I have seen the argument being used that why is it ok for other black people to refere to each other as such but its not ok for a white person.

Now as me as a white girl, it has never occured to me, yep, they use it in films and rap, but both of those are artistic.

So I was curious, do black people use it? Is there a race maybe called it? Why? I think my main question was why?

So I did a bit of research and I find that using the internet is trying to find a medical condition on doctor google, you could be a healthy 35 year old male with a headache and suddenly doctor google decides you are pregnant going through the menapause.

Its just not that simple, there are different ways of saying it, different spellings. I got a lot of shit for asking.

But why should I? I was asking why? if a child came up to you and asked why? Would you call them a racist c**t.

An adult never stops learning, only an idiot does. I found out, it might have something to do with white slave owners (who we should never forget exsisted) calling the slaves the N word, from the latin “niger” and it has been reclaimed by the black community. I could name other names that have been reclaimed, but none of them seem right to be named by me, a straight white person


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8 Responses to When does it stop?

  1. Hispanics use the N word as well when speaking to each other or Blacks and ghetto whites use it as well. In those cultures it is not a racist word but a by-product of rap and hip hop music. But generally labeled racist if used by white. The solution: just call the person by their name.

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  2. It is definitely one of those words you know… just the way it is! It can be confusing I agree!

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