Ummm that was longer than I thought

Good morning/afternoon/evening


Jesus, its been a while, Merry Christmas, Happy hanukkah. Happy New year, Happy Chinese new year and all the others I have missed in the last 2 months I have been away.


Thank you all those who have stuck with following me, I thought I was going to come back to a blank slate and have to start again.


Its been a weird time. I have had some major depressive slips, which has made doing anything difficult. Anxiety has been high and difficult to deal with.


In the last two months we have faced my partner losing his job, my son learning to read and write and the government deciding to assess me again.

In the world, brexit is happening, Trump is president and depending who you listen to we are either heading towards WW3 or the best time of our lives

Christmas was unusual in the fact my son woke up at around 4am came downstairs and opened all his presents. And mine and my partners, and the families as well.

So that was interesting. I cried, then he cried, then I cried cause I was making him feel bad. But apart from that it was a good Christmas.

I am managing to lose weight at a rate of knots, while some people would think that was good, I am a little worried about it as I am now down to eight and a half stone, I have no clue how I have lost it, but I am worried its not a healthy way.

I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with my blogging, making connections again, hopefully picking up friendships where I very rudly left them.

While I am still not in a great place mentally, I am better than I have been.


Love to you all



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14 Responses to Ummm that was longer than I thought

  1. Welcome back. Hope you feel better soon. 😊

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  2. I’m pretty new to your blog but good to see your doing better and will look forward to your blogs xx

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