A time to be proud

I mentioned my partner lost his job, I did however omit that he also got a new one.


In a toy shop


Great cheap Christmas and birthday presents.


However, the store hadn’t opened and today was its opening day. My son wanted to go, he wanted to see Daddy in his new store, he had lots of good reasons, but I am fairly sure his main point was to see Daddy and not the opportunity to get a new toy.

I, on the other hand, was well aware that it was a new store opening, going to have lots of things going on and be busy. Very very busy.

We did end up going and it was fucking packed, as soon as we got in I was panicking, the anxiety was building and my thought was just to get out.

I didn’t plan on the small child, who was dragging me further into the store.


Thank God we found my partner very quickly, wished him luck. But I came across a problem, it would appear my son didn’t just want to see Daddy. Who would of thought it? It appears he also wanted a toy, I literally had no clue.

It cost me £23 to get out of that damn sore.

Because I was in such a panic, it didn’t occur to me what I was buying, just that I wanted to get out.

My son now has a bow and arrow set.. God help me and my poor neighbours.

Now I have to deal with the aftermath of going to the shops, which I am sure for many people is just a normal occurance. For me however, it is going to be hiding in my house, while I try and recover.


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2 Responses to A time to be proud

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    What a lousy experience. Sending sympathy.

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