Hello good people


Today, I have woken up in a meh type state. Not sure if they has something to do with my weekend, or whether its something else.

Its very difficult to motivate myself when I am in this state, I also am dealing with the fact my son has his first swimming lesson today.

This involved my poor friend C, being bombarded with 1001 questions of things I should take, not take, if I have to talk to people, how crowded she thinks it might be, C lives a good 300 miles away from me, but has an ability to be able to calm me down.

I think today I shall put on some music and potter, trying not to think about it. I am still painting my house (yes this is the same thing I have been doing since September)


But I am onto the last room now, but having to do it in stages, and only have school hours to do it in as my son just loves to help. However he does come out with some cracking lines, which I shall probably put up in the next couple of days

Hope you all have a great day


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2 Responses to Meh

  1. Deb says:

    I hope the day turns out to be a lot more bearable. During my ‘meh’ days, the last thing I always want to do is deal with people. Goodluck, and hope your son enjoys his swimming lessons.

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