Things my son says

Here is a just a few of the best things my son has come out with recently


Mummy what games did you play in the olden days

Mummy did they have cars in the olden days…. when you were growing up

*Me on my phone*

Mummy are you checking your credit score (its from an advert in the UK)

Mummy I want to do gymnastics. Would they let me do it naked?

Mummy me and baby born are moving house. We are going somewhere with a balcony

Me: M what birthday cake do you want?
M: A chocolate cake
Me: My friend sent me a cake she thought you might like
M: Whats your friend’s name
Me; N
M: Whats her full name
Me; N….. S…….
M: What does she look like?
What did her teachers call her at school
Does she have children
Do you love her
Is my Pizza ready

And my best one

My son wants to move to a house by the sea. When I informed him, if we did that, we wouldn’t see his brother or any other family that often. He got really sad and wailed does that mean I won’t see Daisy.

Daisy is my sister’s dog


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