My son is on half term this week, like many four year olds, he doesn’t understand holidays mean lie ins.

We are still up at 7am, its at times like these I look forward to the teenage years.

I never really plan the holidays, just do as and when, however I find myself this holiday thinking I should really plan my days better and figure stuff for us to do, practising his writing and maths and such like, without it seeming like a chore.

Maybe if we can manage it a walk into the woods, baking stuff, at times I think its great fun and other times I just think I am not that sort of mum. I will happily play with him, with his toys, games and cards, but crafty and making stuff is not me.

My son, however, is a stubborn type of a boy, if he gets an idea in his head thats it. That is what we are doing.

I suppose I could go on a few sites and have a look at what we can do and go from there.

Anyway, just musing.


Have a great day

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3 Responses to Holidays

  1. Most children can be tenacious enough to drive a parent crazy.

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