What would you do?

Having my son off this week, I have been watching more than the usual amount of kids tv. Cartoonito have been having a special on Fireman Sam and I am now well and truly invested.

If you have never watched it, it involves a small town in Pontyandy, which has 25 people living in

There are 5 families:

The Jones Dad who is a fisherman, mum who runs the cafe and a set of twins

The Floods Dad is a handyman, mum is a nurser and one daughter

The Chen’s Mum is a teacher and one daughter

The other family, whose name I can’t remember dad is an inventer, mum is  vet and one daughter

Lastly there is the Price’s mum is who is owner of the shop and one son

The rest of the town is involved in the fire service one way or anther. This town has 3 boats, a fire engine, a jeep, 3 wheeled motorbike, a train fire engine, a helicopter. There are 5 firemen/women a helicopter pilot and a coastguard. The last three people are the train driver, who is Granddad Jones, a bus driver and the mountain rescue guy. If anyone wants to know where the public money is going check this place and Greendale (postman pat)

Now the reason why I am writing is I do go onto some parenting forums and I have to wonder what a post about Norman Price would look like, this boy is a nightmare. So I thought I would do one. Mainly cause I am waiting for dinner to be cooked and I thought it would be amusing.

Please help:

I live in a very small village, and there is a small boy who is causing so much trouble and his mother doesn’t seem to be doing anything. A few examples for you.

He was mucking around on his skateboard and the bus driver ran it over, the boy was fine, but the skateboard was ruined. He decided that the best thing he could do was go to a famous wishing well we have and take all the pennies from it and buy a new skateboard. he got stuck, so the fire department were called out. His punishment a new skateboard.

One of the other children had a remote control airplane, this boy took the control and got the plane stuck up a tree, both children tried to get it back down and ended up getting stuck in the tree, having to call the fire brigade again.

This boy decided to do a magic show, lovely till, he overloaded the electrics, but noone knew it had started smoking because he had taken the batteries out of the smoke alarm to use in his radio, nearly burning down the house.

Halloween, he used different costumes to get the majority of candy in the village (his cousin was staying and helped him) in his rush to beat all the other children to the last house, he lost control of his bike and ended up in the sea, causing the coastguard to be called.

He abandoned one of the younger children on the beach and she was left on the sandbank, causing the fire brigade to be called out again.

The fire station had an open day and he stole the fire engine.

Some of the children had a sleepover, he overloaded the toaster, causing it to set fire.

The latest thing and what has prompted me to start this thread is that recently the cubs went on a widelife outing into the forest, it was meant to be a time of learning how to forage, he stole some sausages from the local shop, and tried to start a fire to cook them. Normally would be fine, but with the dry weather recently, we had a no fire policy in the forest. He didn’t put the fire out properly causing the forest to go up in flames (you might of seen this on the news) and us having to evecuate the village, we were fortunate that it started raining, saving our little village . His punishment, not getting his foraging badge.

This boy nearly destroyed our homes and his punishment was nothing, due to the amount of times we have had to call the fire brigade for certain things (mainly due to him) our home insurance is through the roof. There is something not right about this boy and his mother seems incapable of doing anything, certain sees him through rose tinted glasses.

What would you do?


Dinner is ready, hope you enjoyed it


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