Living with……

I often think that the hardest thing with anxiety is that people without it can’t comprehend how difficult it is to do simple things like taking your child to school, during the school run.

Choosing to either go to the shops to get milk or deciding it would be easier to drink your coffee black.

Cutting the dogs walk short because you feel anxious that there is more than 5 people in a massive field.

I think people can understand the big things, not going to the pub on a Friday and Saturday night because it is too crowded, going to big cities. Those are understandable but the small simple day to day things, I see people can’t get their head round.

The other main thing is the feeling that you are often alone in your thoughts and how you feel.

And that one to me is one of the things we need to change in our worlds. If you suffer from anxiety, the inability to sometimes leave your house, the times, when you feel your heart might come out your chest because you are so nervous. The wanting to run away, when you are in a crowd of people. The unexplained feeling of panic.

You are not alone and there is help and people out there that do understand.

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3 Responses to Living with……

  1. lorigreer says:

    You opened my eyes to a side of anxiety that I never considered. It saddens me to think of anyone in emotional distress like you describe.

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    • I would hope it is rare to get as bad as this, but I also think that with there still being a certain stigma with mental health, people leave it too long to get help. I know I certainly did, a wise friend of mine once told me, it took 30 years for me to get as bad as I was, it will take time to get me back.

      Thank you for the compliment, just one person understanding is a help 🙂

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