A controversial subject

Its international woman’s day and although I had forgotten about it, it kind of fits in (well I am going to make it fit in) with something I have been researching recently.

I have only just started looking into this subject to try and understand it, so I can form some type of opinion on it. Though I must admit, in many ways it doesn’t effect me.

The subject, sex. Now what I mean been by that is the biological term, male and female, leading me onto trans individuals, particular male to female in sports

Some people see this as very black and white. Should be which ever organs you are born with, should be the field you compete in.

However there is a lot of different colours in there.

I cannot even place myself into feeling like I been born into the wrong body. I can’t imagine, the emotional or mental challenges someone would have to go through.

Rights are still being fought for on this, now you get some people say this is men forcing their way into riding roughshod over woman’s rights. It was this that got me interested. How does this become a female rights argument.

The first example I came across is in a New Zealand weightlifting team, where a transgender woman has been chosen over a female athlete. Another example is in Texas, where again, a transgender woman has won a wrestling title. There are many other examples.

I suppose my issue, is that male and female bodies are different, its not just the sexual organs, skeleton, muscle mass, testosterone. I could go on. Now while you can do certain things to try and change your body its just not possible in today’s science to fully change a male body to a female and visa versa.

This is when the argument that woman’s rights are starting to be eroded. Its not about being able to use a toilet and which one you should use. Its about the fact that women are being dropped out of sports, to allow trans individuals to compete, when its not exactly fair. Now I don’t know what the answer is, at what point do you say this is the right thing to do for indivduals who feel like they have not been born in the right body and this is now not the right thing for women/men.


Then as I was looking into this trying to figure out some answers. I came across an article of a woman who has been charged with rape. In the UK this is unusual as rape in the UK is defined as non consensual with a penis. So in the UK a woman is unable to commit rape, anything that a woman does is classed as sexual assault.

This made me very curious, so I did a bit of digging and found that the woman being charged is biologically a man.

This makes no sense, they are either charging a man with rape, or a woman with sexual assault. But of course it is not as easy as this, other questions such as which prison should they go to?

In no way is this very difficult matter going to be solved by me, in one post sitting on the sofa typing away. However it is something to think about.

A few disclaimers, if I have gotten any terminology wrong and offended anyone I am sorry, I am still learning.

I am in no way saying or thinking that trans individuals shouldn’t have rights, they should. We should live in a world, were we should all live in harmony, having these type of discussions should lead us to understanding other  views and how everyone is feeling. Its a challenging world out there and everyone’s rights should be respected.

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2 Responses to A controversial subject

  1. One thing that annoys me is that all these subsets of alternative life styles(for lack of better term) expect the world to change and society to change to accommodate them. I don’t care what any of them do or live but each and all don’t get a law or constitutional amendment to validate their choices yet they demand such.

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    • I think in some ways society does need to change, gay rights for example, what I am uncomfortable with is this attitude that for some people it is black and white. I want to be a woman, so I should be able to do xyz, it doesn’t matter than women might feel uncomfortable with this and if you call out on it, you are considered transphobic.

      I do feel that maybe we are going to far the other way, I was reading somewhere that there are now 70 different genders, I am not sure how we can even attempt to accommodate that.


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