I don’t know anyone like that

Because our PM has called a snap election, we need to get people out there to vote, in the 2015 elections, those who didn’t vote, could of toppled any party. The vote could of gone to anyone. 15.7 million people didn’t bother to vote, who knows what their reasons are, my vote doesn’t change anything? I don’t like politics? I don’t like any of the parties policies.

Well guess what, your vote does change things. You might not like politics, but it effects everything in your life, from what you buy, how you buy it, to how much you earn, your rights, education, doctors, roads, tax, I could go on and on and on.

I don’t agree with one parties policies. I look at politicians and think you are going to ruin this country. That is one of the more polite versions though.

One of the things I keep hearing is that certain things are not happening like working families being forced into food banks, disability benefits being cut so that people are taking their own lives, because they can’t see any other way. People losing their homes because they can no longer afford the outragerous amounts of rent being charged.

Just because you don’t know someone going through it doesn’t mean its not happening. However let me introduce you to someone who is going through just that.

My name is Trina and I write this blog, I have documented my mental health, my frustration with the government system and my weird views on politics.

I received ESA (Employment and support allowance) PIP (personal independent payments) Child Tax credits, child benefits and Housing benefit. Myself and my family are reliant on these.

I receive these disability payments because I suffer from mental health illness. I have bipolar, OCD, and GAD (general anxiety disorder) This basically means I can go from running round a field one day to not moving out of bed the next, I don’t have a typical day, the main thing though is leaving the house. I can get into such a panic that I throw up. After leaving the house for whatever reason, it can days before I am willing to face the world again.

This is not by choice, I can’t control it. If I could, I would be working. No anti depressives have worked yet, but we haven’t given up

Recently I have been moved out of ESA support group to the working group, which means I have to attend interviews.  I can barely leave my house, at the times I do, my partner or my 5 year old son has to come with me.

Let me repeat that for you, 5 years old. A 5 year old has to take care of his own mother.

A five year old child’s main care should be whether or not he is going to get ice cream that day, not whether his mother is going to be able to move off the sofa, or whether the cleaning is more important than playing with him.

This is my child’s life. This is happening up and down the country to many other children.

We can just about to afford the rent, but if I lose my PIP payments, I lose 20% of my housing benefits as I lose the disability part, also council tax will go up. We are on the breadline as it is, but this will sink us into poverty.

This is happening up and down the country to many other people with disabilities.

A random person I have never met will make this judgement on me, they will ignore what the doctor has said, what I have said to make sure that figures are being met.

Again this sort of thing is happening up and down the country, the most vulnerable are being pulled apart thanks to this government.

If you didn’t think you know someone, it could be the parents at the school gate, that person at work, your neighbour.

The one thing I can say is if you read this blog. It is happening to me, to someone you know.

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