Really shitty luck

My laptop of five years broke, that was upsetting, but my sister let me have her old macbook. That refused to load the OS system, wrong discs, or disc drive was broken.

Sourced another laptop. 2 days and it now refuses to load.

Technology and I clearly do not mix.


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2 Responses to Really shitty luck

  1. In the old days I would scream and cry and throw things. Now that I have gotten older, and the other day my external hard drive refused to start, I just cry… Oh, well. I’ll get to it.

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    • I screamed, cry and threw stuff, then sat down and figure it out. I find that it gets out the useless emotions so I can concentrate.

      I am half expecting my external hard drive to give out, but hopefully by that point, I would of gotten what I needed and transfered it again,

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