Writing fiction

I have a question for you all. I have written a short story, its a bit bleak but so is my mood.

I am not sure if this is something which I am going to do often, or if it was just a one time thing, however I am wondering if it is a long term thing if I wanted people to read them to put them up here, or make a new blog. While I keep in mind its my blog and I will do what I want. I also want to keep this as a mental health blod, with a bit of random thrown in.

However on the flip side of that I think the stories are an indicition of my mood, so it could be interesting and linked to my mental health.

I hate not being able to make a decision


Oh and because she likes to keep it quiet. Happy Birthday M

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4 Responses to Writing fiction

  1. colingarrow says:

    So what’s the question?

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  2. colingarrow says:

    I would just add another page and then you’ve got the option of a second ‘section’ of your blog. Doesn’t mean you have to do very much with it.

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