Bad timings

After nearly three weeks off my son went back to school last week, fantastic a time to catch up.

This week, we had a bank holiday in the UK on Monday, we were meant to have a day of fun, but my son started saying he wasn’t feeling well and followed this up by throwing up twice, by the time my partner came home, I was started to feel unwell as well.

This meant my son had Tuesday off, I did think about sending him into school on Wednesday, so I could die a slow death, but his temprature was so high, and he was still complaining he was unwell, plus its normally 48 hours after someone has thrown up that you can send them back. This would be all well and good apart from today

Today is polling day and our council uses the school as a polling station, meaning its shut.

This annoys me on 2 levels, one its bad timing and two it really annoys me that if I take my child out of school for any other reason than he is sick, I get a £60 fine, but the government who set this fine up, get to choose to have children off because its cheaper than renting a place.

Maybe if the council had to pay each parents costs, they would stop using schools.

It has also annoyed me because my son has been ill, so is only going to be going into school on one day.

Plus side in all of this is when telling my son about having to vote and why is first question was mummy am I going to be in charge? Looks like my plan for world dominaion through him is going well.

Anyway if you are in the UK and have voting go on in your area. Go and vote, don’t care who you vote for, but you can’t complain about the state of the roads, healthcare in your area, bins or anything local if you haven’t spent 10 minutes of your day putting a cross in a box.

And if you are not sure who to vote for, I would say Lib Dems, mainly because the Conservitives are bastards and Labour are unorgainised. Neither is doing their job and its time for a massive change. Actually if you want a massive change vote for the Green party and make my friend C happy.

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18 Responses to Bad timings

  1. Simon says:

    Hi there good to see you back – I agree on the voting I want the Tories out, especially in the upcoming GE as that bitch May is playing stupid games and need her smug ass kicking!

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  2. excellence says:

    Nice Thinking !!

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