Magnificent Seven *Spoilers*

I watched this film last night, magnificent seven.


What a load of shit, they all fucking died at the end. (This would be the spoiler)

No they never died at the end, I don’t care if the producer wasn’t doing a remake, they shouldn’t of fucking died at the end.

It has really annoyed me.


As you all were

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2 Responses to Magnificent Seven *Spoilers*

  1. I know what you mean. It was extremely frustrating for me as well. I liked the idea (going in) that they could do another movie — hell, it could’ve been a whole series of movies. But at the least, they could’ve ended closer to the way the original did. I hate it when movies change the ending of the book they’re representing or the remake they’re doing. It’s unnecessary. The originals were successful for a reason. Why change something so drastic as the very ending?

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