Queen’s speech part 2

Commentator: Will there be any word from Dennis skinner

Dennis skinner: Get a move on we need to get to Ascot
Me: yep there he is

*MP’s walk in*
Me: Twat, twat, idiot, twat, like him, fucking idiot. bawbag, wankengine,

*guy offering speech*
Me: I wonder if the queen thinks yes peasant down on your knees.

*Queen* We need the strongest possible leadership to leave the european union
Partner:*impression of the queen*  That you fucked up

Queen: Every child goes to a good school
Me: Tell your fucking government that

Queen: We will improve mental health services
Me: *Laughing histerically*

Queen: We will strengthen our bond between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Me: Not if the DUP deal goes ahead

*camera pans*

Me Boris is jumping around, bet he wishes he went to the toilet before hand

Me: Why do you think they need such a big bag for such a little speech

Me: I don’t get why they have a throne there, its only ever going to be used when she is there, she is not allowed in unless she is invited in. Its not like she is going to say one day, “Phillip, lets pop in on the House of Lords and see what speeches are going on for a giggle. We can take the ferrari”
Partner: There is a lot that I don’t get about royalty, just because it worked once doesn’t mean it still works.

Me: Several days of debate over that 7 minute speech. Do these people not have anything better to do
Partner: That would be them doing their job


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