Watching the Queens Speech Part 1

Sat here watching the queen’s speech, due to how this country is going, I am finding it hard to watch so have added some humour into it, especially with partner on a day off who A. doesn’t want to watch it and B. Is more a republican than a monicist.


Cars arrive, with the crown jewels:
Me: OOhhh that guy is finding it hard to get out the car
Partner: That is because he is wearing a big fuck off sword
Me: But that guy didn’t have any trouble

Partner: No that is because he is tiny compared to that guy

Watching the queens guard walking the crown jewels in
Me: Do you think that when they join the army and have the honour of serving the queen part of them thinks. Those hats look fabulous

Camera panning round the House of Lords. Lots of Lords wearing big coats.
Me: I hope they have good air conditioning in there.


*sitting watching*
Me: Fucking hell we have a state trumpet, who the hell arranged for a state trumpet. Shouldn’t we update it for a guitar, or a sax

Me: Why does the queen have 3 cars, her carbon footprint must be massive, its a nice day, surely she could walk

Me: Did some guy just yell out daaa oo. Are they going to do that song from beetlejuice

Me: Why are they no camera in the ruby room. I want to see the Queen sit down, throw her shoes off and go “Charles, why the fuck do we have to do this”

(my partner is still here, but he doesn’t seem to care, but I am keeping myself amused)

Me: That guy looks like he is shitting himself carrying that crown






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1 Response to Watching the Queens Speech Part 1

  1. Mel (Hippo256) says:

    Lol, my family hates it when I do stuff like that. Especially when they enjoy watching it and I’m pointing out all the ‘mistakes’, such as with action movies “that is not possible, that is very unlikely, why did he survive that”. Oh and in marketing stuff the forced diversity: “ah yes, the one person with a slightly darker skin colour, there is the woman (with hijab, so then they have basically all in one) and even an older person with a cane, 10 points. I’m still waiting for an Asian, Hispanic or other minority in the USA, female American president in a wheelchair xD

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