Well this is awkward

I have found that it is almost impossible to blog during the weekend when my son is here.


I can distract him for more or less an hour, which is lovely, but this is not an uninterrupted hour, there will be various mummy look at this. Mummy did you know? Question will relate to something we are both watching that I have just seen, but he will still need to tell me about it.

The reason I can write this? I am in the bedroom with the dog, having a time out (for the dog). I was sensible enough to grab the laptop before I came up.

My son and the dog get on, but he is very full on and the dog gets nervous round him, Also we have my stepson round, and I think he is nervous round the dog, so to make him more comfortable its best all round if I sit in the bedroom and my partner does parenting duty for a while.

OK, lets be honest, its mainly so I can have a break. Hopefully we will get our arses in gear after lunch and go to the park.

When I say that, I mean I shall inform my darling partner to take the kids to the park

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20 Responses to Well this is awkward

  1. Simon says:

    I know what your mean here, getting time to yourself is so hard

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