On this day

Apparently on this day 2 years ago, was the day my son escaped from his bedroom, climbed over 2 stair gates, opened the fridge, which had a child lock on and fed the dog 2 blocks of cheese.

I can laugh about it now but I remember being so angry at my son and really concerned for the dog, who started throwing up.

On the plus side, after my adventure on Thursday I have finally taught my dog to stay, using a different teaching technique. Hopefully this will mean we can encourage him to start being more friendly towards other dogs.

Although people are stupid. He wears a giant, fuck off I am not friendly collar and we sill have people come up and ask to stroke him, and the say what does the collar mean. It has big writing saying fuck off (well it says caution) I wanted the No dog one, but the caution one is red, so I figured if you can’t speak English surely the universal colour for danger is red.

If you have wondered yes, our three legged cat still comes out on walks with us.

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  1. ahah this made me giggle x

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