Subtle differences

In the UK there is a north south divide. Its a running joke with myself and my best friend C. She lives up a mountain somewhere in the north (Lancashire) whereas I live closer to London, in the south, or on the flats.


People might try and deny there is a divide, but there really is, the obvious being house prices, the closer you are to London the more expensive the houses are. Where I am £200,000 might get you a shed, up near C it would get you a 3 bed house with a garden. Why wouldn’t everyone move up there? Job opportunities, there isn’t many up there. Whole communities out of work, because London looks after itself.

Another difference things like fracking, its happening up North, but barely being reported on, lots of protests going on, but nothing on the news. I know because of C.

However we were chatting today, we chat a lot mainly bollocks but at times you get slammed up to these differences. My son wants to do dodgeball as an after school activity. Its £63 it will be roughly £4.50 per class. C nearly fainted, she might pay £20 for that, swimming, her’s is much cheaper. General activities are cheaper.

Yet we are expected to live on roughly the same money.

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