Magic money tree

Its not really being publish widely in my opinion but the DUP are planning on voting against the Tory’s on tuition fees and the NHS pay, its a non binding vote which is how they are getting round this whole confidence and supply deal they have going.

The one where they vote with the Torys on everything and the Tory party pay them £1 billion, now obviously the Tory party just didn’t look down the back of the sofa and pull this money out.

But this money is coming from tax payers. Each of us is paying roughly £15 towards this deal. A deal I don’t think anyone is very happy with, with the exception of Teresa May.

In my eyes, even if you ignore the policies of the DUP this agreement puts massive strain on the Good Friday negotiations and I honestly dont think it was worth it.

For most things the DUP would of agreed with the Tory party, it didn’t need a Billion pounds, which apparently we didn’t have, that could of been spent on the NHS, the Education, Defense, on nearly anything else than keeping one person in power.

The fact that the DUP are starting to disagree with the Tory party on things like the NHS and tuition fees, 2 fairly big things here in the UK, can only lead to this country being more torn apart than it is already.

While in the world you have other things such as North Korea and Mother Earth getting more and more pissed off with us, here in the UK the population is divided, when it is a time to come together, try and find a common ground. Is that likely, no not really.

So while we seperate from the EU and people celebrate others sit and watch as we stand strong, very much alone and watch out country crash and burn.



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