Summer over Winter

I normally prefer summer, its nice, sometimes hot, can have fun. we can go exploring.

However I do prefer winter in one sense, and that is walking the dog, for those who don’t know my dog is aggressive towards other dogs, we have done so much training to try and get him over this, but while, he can have dogs walk just meters away from him. They come up to him and he goes nuts.

When we walk, we can happily take him off the lead and he ignores everything that is going on around him. What we can’t trust though, is other dogs. Ultimately they want to come up and say hello.

Max doesn’t want that, he wants to be left alone, to chase his ball and to play with the cat

The park near me, is usually empty, no idea why, its ideal for dogs. I am not complaining, because it means we can have max off the lead. Also you can see all the entrances from nearly everywhere in the park, so if a dog walks in. Max goes on the lead.

Obviously during the summer it is busier, people do picnics there, which is obviously tempting, I would like to think for any dog, mine is very food oriniated and training often gets rewarded using treats. I find that more people walk their dogs there during the summer as well.

Now its getting colder, its easier to tire Max out, because no one is there. I can spend half an hour not seeing anyone, its lovely, and a tired dog is a happy dog.

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5 Responses to Summer over Winter

  1. Simon says:

    I have many times where not seeing anyone is a good thing 😉

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  2. da-AL says:

    sweet post 🙂

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