When it starts to piss me off

My new pet hate, it is not I borrowed him, its I lent him.

I am not one to go on about spelling mistakes or any grammar errors. You could go through any one of my posts and find I have done at least one mistake.

I have a few friends that this sort of thing upsets. C is one, M is another.

C, has been trying to correct me. She thinks repetition is the key. M has also got in on this, so whenever I know write something, one or the other will pop up and correct me.

I don’t actually mind this, I like learning new stuff. Of course I believe it is also my God given right to tell them to fuck off.

For example brought and bought, it took C pretty much a year to get that one through. We are now should of/should have.

So I am unsure why it pisses me off so much when someone says I borrowed him/her, I am there screaming its lent, this is not a new word, its been around since the 9th century.

Its not like a random word that has been made up to confuse. I get that the English language is always changing and that is not a bad thing, however borrowed is the complete opposite to what they are trying to say. It drives me fucking nuts

And if it pisses me off you have gone too far


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