Normally what happens is that I spend from about midday till 3pm, gearing up to go and collect my son. The trick I have found is to be late, but not too late to get into trouble. Its a thin line.

I kept looking at the clock and then reminding myself that my 5 year old baby had arranged a playdate with a friend and the friend’s mum. The mum was going to pick them both up from school and then drop him back.

My tiny six pound six ounce baby is growing up so fast. I must admit I dont understand those people who are sobbing after dropping off their child on their first day of school. I am there shoving him through the door screaming your problem now. I jest, well sort of.

I do, however, get those sad moments when you realise your child is growing up. I think its partly because they rely on you for so long for everything and then they start stretching their wings. I have always known monkey was going to be independent from 18 months when he went into the kitchen to make himself breakfast at 4am.

It doesn’t mean I like it. I also get that its part and parcel of being a parent. The only thing you can hope is that they turn out decent.

However yesterday I sat and watched the time waiting for my son to come home. I am guessing this is also going to happen a lot in my future.

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