Happy Tattoo Day

Ok I admit I have made this up, but to myself and C it is happy tattoo day. This time last year she got this done.


You seeing it? My name slap bang in the middle. Now I do know the old rule of never getting someones name tattooed on your body, as that will sound the death toll of any relationship. She did it anyway, she is nuts like that.

I can hear you shouting why the hell would she do that? Its her story to tell, but the jist of it I bugged her every single day till she agreed 😉

No, seriously, I was there for her, and myself and another friend J didn’t give up on her. We fell out, during her most depressive stage, needless to say she was pushing us away very brutally.

Then she was there for me during my very depressive period. She made me angry, that might not sound like anything, but when  you feel nothing, feeling something, even a negative emotion such as anger feels good.

So today Happy Tattoo Day to C and Me

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11 Responses to Happy Tattoo Day

  1. Simon says:

    That’s a great tattoo and a great story of how friends can survive even when the odds are against you ☺️

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  2. Miriam says:

    That’s pretty cool I have to admit. Happy Tattoo day to you all. Great post 🙂

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