I don’t often get angry

Frustrated yes, pissed off at times, also yes. But my friend AW shared a post of a hamster cage that is being sold by poundworld.

I did confirm that it was not being used as transport and its not like rotastack, where you buy a base and then you can build and add bits and make it look very cool.

For information AW stole these images off someone else, she did ask permission first though.

hampster 1

This is the cage that they are saying is suitable for a hamster, if you have never owned a hamster, you might look at it and think well yes the cage is small but then so are hamsters.

hampster 2

This is the recommended size that a hamster needs. to give you an idea of sizes, they have but the base of the poundworld cage and placed it in their hamster cage, its the green box with the yellow tunnel in.

hampster 3

This was my hamster cage and an example of rotastack, the base is the one on the second shelf down, you could just about get away with it, without adding any extra, but there really is not enough room for a bed and toilet and for the hamster to dig.

People think small animal, small cage but that is not true at all, rodents need space to dig, play, chew. The cage that poundland are selling is like putting a human in a 3x3m cage and expecting you to be happy.

It makes me angry that these shops can get away with this.

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10 Responses to I don’t often get angry

  1. nkdwhtguy says:

    I wish people would do more research before they buy stuff for their pets. Glad you posted this.

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  2. I couldn’t agree more! I had to really search to even find the green base (despite the yellow tube being there) as it was so small. I assumed it was simply a part of the better sized cage. We’ve had hamsters and mice throughout the years and they have always had huge cages/housing with “playpen” fencing for the floor that allowed for play outside of the cage. So often people get animals they are not prepared to take care of and businesses who promote these inappropriate habitats/housing are also to blame. Another example that pisses me off are betta fish and the teeny-tiny aquarium sets many pet stores sell to keep them in. No, the fish does NOT like being in such a small environment. In the wild, they would NOT contain themselves to a small area. They need space to move around in with somewhere to hide and appropriate water conditions. Small animals and fish are regularly housed in inappropriate containers and simply not given the care they need (despite good intentions), and it drives me nuts. Don’t even get me started on exotic animals (like hedgehogs, sugar gliders, etc). Ugh.

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    • Fish annoy me as well, here we still give fish away in a bag at fairgrounds. I thought it was illegal but apparently its not.

      I have always wanted a sugar glider, they are so cute, but it is not only impractical, but I live in the UK its not exactly the right environment

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  3. I agree. Pound shops used to be good but they are slowly becoming like a shoddy version of Woolworths. Thanks for taking the time to warn us.

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  4. Now that’s a ‘hamster palace’!!! 🐹

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