I have finally caught up on something like 33,000 emails, ok I deleted alot of them. However I have spent the last few days going round a good 1000 different blogs.

I was sad to see how many were now deactivated, however as I was wondering round I did get frustrated at the amount of blogs that had an about page but it wasn’t filled in.

I understand everyone blogs what is best for them, and this my personal opinion as someone who is still relativly new at blogging, but I like an about page, that I can read and comment on.

Some blogs didn’t even have a follow button, or somewhere to put your email.

The other thing was social media, you click on the social media button but nothing would happen.

I would recommend you check these.

The other thing that was really weird, was I went onto some blogs and found that for some reason I was no longer following them.

There you go those are my tips on blogging. But it might not work for you and thats ok but if you have an about page, fill it in or get rid of it.

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5 Responses to Blogging

  1. [ Smiles ] I know what it is like to visit a blog with no “About” page.

    I also know what it is like to find out what it is like to discover that those people who used to follow my blog, no longer update their own blog.

    Unfortunately, WordPress is afflicted with people who start a blog today and abandon it in the next two weeks.

    In regards to social media, I have that all covered!

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