The struggles

Having talking frankly about my troubles to have another baby, I do the human race an interesting one. You can never please anyone.

For example you get married

Human race (HR): So when are we going to get the baby announcement

or even worse, to the relative who is not married

HR: Is it going to be you next

When you have just had a baby

HR: Don’t leave it too long till you have another one


HR: When are you planning on having another one

You have 3 boys and are pregnant

HR: I bet you are wishing its a girl

Or 3 girls and are pregnant

HR: I bet your husband is wishing its a boy

If you have 4+ children

HR: Do you not have a TV

I could go on and on and on how the human race is just never happy


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18 Responses to The struggles

  1. Simon says:

    For numerous reasons I never had this, but I’ve seen it and and it never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are and how little filter there is between mind and mouth.

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  2. margaeyre says:

    I still remember when I had G. B was stillborn nearly 2 years before, and G was born by emergency C-S.
    My father, who has less brains than an amoeba, had nothing better to say than “well, better luck next time, maybe you’ll have a girl”.
    It’s not often I am struck speechless.

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  3. margaeyre says:

    so yeah, the human race can go fuck themselves.

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  4. Live for yourself and live to make yourself happy, not anyone else.

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  5. Hi there! I am just stopping in to let you know that I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award 🙂 you can find out what to do with your nomination here:

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  6. asimuel says:

    I️ totally understand this!! I️ Work in labor and delivery as a nurse and I’m constantly hearing these comments! People need to chill out! Sometimes I️ want to scream! Worry about your own uterus! 😂 So many people don’t think before they speak.

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