Where is the money?

In 2010 the Conservative Government came into power and went to work on saving money.

In their budget for 2010 they set out their 5 year plan, which included cutting 11 billion pounds from the benefit budget. The way they justified this was by saying

“the Budget announces reforms to the
housing and disability benefit and tax credit system to make it fairer and more
affordable. These reforms will reduce dependency and promote work.”

In 2015, the government announced they were seeking to cut another 12 billion, this is despite the 17 billion pounds that they had cut in 5 years, yes the government not only delivered on their 5 year plan, the exceeded it. In fact some reports claimed it is closer to 21 billion.

They are now saying they are cutting £1.2 billion by 2020. Now that doesn’t seem a large amount considering how much they have cut already, but that is on top on the 12 billion.

What I want to know is where this damn money is??????

Its meant to going on this deficit thing they are always ranting on about and yet the people in Britain are more in debt that ever before. There are over 65 million people in the UK. We should of saved £461 each, man, woman and child instead each household is in debt by £12887

Its close to 30 billion they have cut, its not going on the military, the NHS, education, agriculture. These areas are all struggling, yet not recieving any of this money. Its not like its down the side of the sofa. So who the hell is benefiting from these cuts?

Its sure as hell not low income families, 16-18 year olds, the disabled, lone parents, the sick, the elderly.

What does that leave us with. Oh the rich, the top 1%

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3 Responses to Where is the money?

  1. Colette B says:

    The welfare cap and government war on benefits claimants has been a political atrocity at the hands of public service staff failing to ensure their legal responsibilities, hitting soft targets, pushing vulnerable people to premature death in what is devastatingly similar to Holocaust during 1940s.

    Public support was gained for the tough stance on welfare via media soin. Meanwhile a glance at the Social Security Handbook revealed a huge problem with serious organised crime and corrupt employees assisting identity theft and fraudulent claims. This amounted to billions. Were these the billions of British Pounds saved by the welfare to work strategies and welfare repeals while at least 40,000 claimants died during the winter of 2014 alone. Last year there were only approx. 14000 ‘unexplained mental health deaths’. Were these actual people or imaginary people and duplicated identities while fraud rings were getting put out of business? Sadly tbe National Office of Statistics is an unreliable puppet shop.

    The impacts on otherwise viable lives of inhumane performance-related target-setting among minions incapable of applying the legislated policies and procedures and ensure protection of human rights even among those protected under the Equality Act 2010 and ignorance and corruption rooted at every tier within the system reaching as far as the Judiciary is a national scandal.

    Given that government departments run as businesses the Trade Descriptions Act should have been enforced while deeming welfare repeal as ‘Reform’ in the 2012 act.

    With the billions of public money known by the government to remain unclaimed every year by those entitled to receive them, it’s a wonder they need to make these savings at all. And if there wasn’t so much tax evasion among the middle classes aka the professional classes aka mid to upper ‘working class’ then the welfare debate would be redundant and the British economy wouldn’t be in the mess it has been.

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    • Colette B says:

      *typo, para 2: media spin, not soin! No edit comment button via mobile browser. Doh!

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    • Love this and compleletely agree. I didn’t even do the cuts to other budgets, partly because you can see the cuts to schools, the NHS and the army, You do hear of those, but you dont ever seem to hear of the suicide rate, or what I have been looking for is the actual numbers between those than have to appeal and those that win, because I think that is going to be a high number, proving the assessments are a waste of time,

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