I find that being a parent is when you are judged the most for decisions you make, right from conception onwards, people disagree with your decisions and some are even rude enough to mention it.

From the minute you say you are pregnant the comments start, starting with can you afford a child or will I be paying for it.

Giving birth. Ooooohh a C’ section isn’t really giving birth, I managed to do the week long labour without any drugs.

Feeding. Well breast is best, who cares if your child is starving, you didn’t give it much of a chance.

Raising the child. That 10 minutes of TV time is too much, you should be crawling around on the floor playing with the child every 2 seconds

Going to work. Well its obviously better if you work, as you give the child a good work ethic. I would never have a childminder to raise my child,

Eating out: Well I would never let my child sit there on a phone/tablet. You are obviously performance parenting, (this is if you are engaging with your child)

It goes on and on and the thing is, its not like a child comes with an instruction manual, ultimately you know your child and your body best, so whatever decision you make is right for you, your child and your family. No one else walks in your shoes.

For those parents out there, do what you think is best, if you want a C section, have one, if you want a shit load of drugs during birth (and I can say those drugs are great) take them. If you want a home birth do it. If you want to go fully natural in the woods, than do that.

Breastfeeding and formula feeding. I know how damn hard breastfeeding is and one of the things no one mentions, is how fucking much it hurts, when you first start. I was crying in pain, something that is meant to be natural and a very lovely experience, no one tells you how much it bloody hurts and how difficult it is and how much you worry that you are not sure if the baby is getting enough.

working, well if you want to be able to do shit, sometimes everyone needs to work, maybe your partner earns enough for you not to or just maybe you want to work for your own sanity. Neither is wrong, its what best for you. Just because you become a parent, doesn’t mean that you stop exsisting.

If you are struggling with any decisions or you are being judged by someone. Just remember they are not you. You know best for your family.

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8 Responses to Judgement

  1. stomperdad says:

    YES! YES! YES! You be a parent to your kids and I’ll be a parent to mine. Unless you’re teaching your kids to be jerks, let’s all just get along 🙂

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    • Completely agree, how is a parent going to work actually affecting my life.

      I do wonder, whether mums feel it worse, but having spoken to my partner, he feels it the same but different things. The no changing tables in the mens room winds him up. The use of the word babysitting your own child. Is another classic

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      • stomperdad says:

        I’m with your partner. I hated it when there weren’t changing tables in the men’s room and I someone called me a “babysitter”. Another one that got me was not being able to find a diaper bag that screamed “Woman”. We did manage to find one. And later ended up just using a backpack 🙂

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      • We went straight into using a backpack, or my bag which was a mary poppins type bag. I hated the nappy bags, the I am a yummy mummy type things on them. I get people like them but for me, it annoyed me.

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  2. Don’t we all love Judgy McJudgeface! There will always be someone that’s done it better but as you say…they are not you! #dreamteam

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  3. Rhyming with Wine says:

    So very true! There’s something about raising a child that makes so many of us feel like we are instant experts on doing so, when in actual fact all that we’re experts in is raising our OWN children. Other people’s are a complete enigma and as such all the Judgy McJudgypants need to stay quiet, listen, and try supporting a fellow parent for a change! Excellent post. Thank you for linking to #DreamTeam x

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