When the child is ill

My son is sick, its a fairly bad cold, it really started on Tuesday night, when he woke up with a snotty nose and not able to get back to sleep. However, to my son, it would be a fate worse than death if he missed school, so after checking their policy and deciding it was just a sniffle, I packed him off to school, when we picked him up, it was a full blown cough and cold.

Thursday came round and he was very ill temp at 39.4, coughing, sniffling. Barely eating and not really wanting to do anything. Now anyone who knows my little bundle of joy, knows he does 2 things, eat and run round. If he stops doing either one of these things then he is ill.

Packed him into our bed, with the telly and his first words were have you done all your jobs yet mummy. It made me a bit sad, because I was already feeling anxious about not doing them, but also I was very worried about him, so I stayed with him and he fell asleep.

The other problem we had, is the dog, my partner was working so he took him out first thing, but we all knew poor max was going to miss out on his afternoon walk and get an evening walk, when we could fit it in.

We are all suffering today, my son with his cold, me with my OCD and the dog not being exercised. But we can get through today and hopefully tomorrow, he is going to be feeling better, if not to go to school, to have a quick ten minute walk.

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6 Responses to When the child is ill

  1. Wishing you all a speedy recovery. I love your blog title!

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  2. Anna says:

    Hope your son is going to feel better soon

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  3. Hope all germs are long gone by now 🙂

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