Bloody Hermes

I tend not to slag off companies over one slight issue, but I am making an exception on this one.

Before I go on, I am very easy going when it comes to people in customer service jobs I can bet that its never normally the person you are speaking to’s fault. I can also bet that if you are nice to them then chances are they will bend over backwards to help you resolve the issue then if you start screaming and swearing at them. I am generally nice because I know sometimes its my fault.

Also I go along with the whole, if someone has given me good customer service, put it on social media, don’t just complain on there. If you think someone has done a good job mention it, it means a hell of a lot sometimes.

Anyway Hermes. We decided to get a sort of bookcase for my son’s room to put his lego on. He could display it anyway he wanted to, it would be fun for him, as fortune would have it, this thing was due today (Thursday) since he was off ill, this was something for him to look forward to.I found a perfect one and half the price of anything else I had found. The bad thing, it was to be delivered by Hermes, if you have never dealt with this delivery company be greatful, they are shit. I wish I could come up with a better term for them, well fucking shit, I suppose.

They either don’t deliver, they chuck packages over fences, it doesn’t matter what the package might contain, its going to get chucked over a 6 ft fence and then entered on their system as delivered in a safe place. They don’t pick up packages. I could literally go on for ages as how shit this is. I normally don’t buy from any company using them. This is where I made my first mistake. I didn’t check who the company was using when I bought this bookshelf.

Hermes, I resigned myself to it. I watched the tracking and waited with baited breath. Then I made my second mistake, I told my son it was being delivered. At 6pm I clicked on the tracking and to my surprise was informed that they had missed me and it had been delivered at 5.37pm. This was weird, but lets suppose  I suddenly had lost my hearing. Lets assumed that happened.david birthday

You see that devishly handsome man standing there, that is my partner, he had rushed home from work because our son was ill, so he was here from 5.15, but lets assume he had hearing loss, you see that small child standing next to him?…..

walking the dog 3

That is monkey, he has been staring out of the lounge window, since about 4pm, this would be the lounge window, which not only looks out onto the road (which is a dead end road btw) you can also see the front door. Lets assume he went temporailarly blind and deaf. You see the white dog?…


This is Max, max is a lovely but completely nuts, he barks at the leaves moving outside the front door. The poor postman gets barked at for walking past the house. As for anyone knocking on our door, he greets them with his loudest bark. Just to make sure we are aware. Is it possible that he had hearing loss as well.

I wonder what the chances are that all of us went deaf? Possibly blind? Maybe we were all taken by aliens for half an hour. When the delivery guy apparently knocked on my bloody door.

I might be able to believe all this, if they had left a fucking note, which they didn’t.

I did the sensible thing, I jumped onto web chat and demanded that he turn up with my parcel. It wasn’t so much the fact it wasn’t delivered when they said, I could live with that. It is the lying that they had even knocked on my damn door and this is when I get angry with people. Don’t keep repeating the same lie, when I have said that its not possible for the guy to have knocked. Its just not going to have happened.

Now we wait for tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Bloody Hermes

  1. Anna says:

    Hope it’ll happen tomorrow

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  2. Darlene says:

    isn’t Hermes the messenger of the gods. Also known as the divine trickster and the god of boundaries and the transgression of boundaries, … the patron of herdsmen, thieves, graves, and heralds. No wonder it didn’t show up!!

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