How do I do this?

Any expert wordpress users out there?


I appear to be banned from following people as wordpress has deemed me to be a spammer. Does anyone know how I get this lifted?

With all due respect to the experts on the help, they are as much use as a chocolate teapot

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29 Responses to How do I do this?

  1. Cyranny says:

    I’d like to help, but I am usually the one asking for help… Sorry!

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  2. You were able to ‘Press This’ on one of my posts yesterday, Trina, so I checked your Gravatar information – it’s seems OK to me, and I noticed you use two devices with different addresses – have you started using any new devices? 😎

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  4. Jan O. says:

    Same thing happened to me. I’m fairly new to WordPress and didn’t realise they got in a tizz if you followed lots of people in a short time. Several other people were on a thread discussion after it happened to them, too – I mean, really, who knew? Since they put ads on people’s posts if you have a free account, you’d think it would be fine with them. But no. 🙂

    First, try going to a forum discussion – or open one – say you can’t seem to follow on WordPress and ask for help, can they please fix, etc. They will caution you about it (if you follow fewer than 5 people per minute and do it from their site rather than from the reader you may avoid future problems).

    Hope this helps. They made me and some other people who just didn’t know the rules feel like creeps! (The rules, by the way are arbitrary – they don’t have any policy on this, I asked).

    Good luck!

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  5. Jan O. says:

    Yes (after I and the others on the thread got a lecture on Not Being A Spammer. 🙂 I have had a few other small issues, and usually if I just email them about whatever the problem is, someone fixes it – and in a fairly timely fashion.

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  6. I think you should send an email or chat with wordpress. I have found them to be very helpful. Hang on, this too shall pass. 🙂

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