I am not a spammer

It looks like I have fixed the problem I had with following, it was what everyone said. WordPress deemed I was a spammer because I followed to many blogs in a short amount of time.

However this now has me worried that, its going to happen again, there apparently is no hard and fast rule for how many blogs is too many and a time limit.

Just be warned that if you suddenly start following too many blogs, then you might find that you get suspended.

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10 Responses to I am not a spammer

  1. stomperdad says:

    I’ve heard of this happening. Jason Cushman of A Opininated Man has written about how WP thought he was a spammer, too. You can also be labeled a spammer if you comment on too many blogs too soon. You comments go to the spam folder instead of to their post. That’s why I check my spam folder regularly.

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    • I get that a lot as well. I just hope someone finds it eventually, but being banned from following people was more frustrating for me, because when I go to see a blog, I read a few posts and then hit the follow button, then move onto another one, if you do that rather than go through the reader, you don’t know its happening, because it will say you are following till you refresh the page. I have no idea when it happened, hopefully I have revisited all the blogs I wanted to follow.

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  2. lurkingintheshadowshonestreviews says:

    Been there, done that.
    Sorry WP, some of us actually use your site.

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  3. Tessa says:

    I am still mad at WP for what it did to my blog and the only thing I didn’t lose was my content. The theme, widgets etc. disappeared and some of it is still not working right. Won’t reconnect to Facebook.

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